Sunday, March 04, 2007

New Gnome

I know they are kitschy and all but I really like garden gnomes. I found this one at Target yesterday. I am also wearing my new EAT, KNIT &DIE ! tee shirt. It really should read: EAT, KNIT & DYE ! , but you can't have everything. Also, I know I photograph funny - enough said.

I finished the second Eagle's Flight sock last night while watching "For your Consideration". It was typical Christopher Guest with his typical ensemble cast. I was kind of knitting on auto pilot so it worked out well. I will let you know if silk in sock yarn makes slippery socks. I should have thought of that beforehand.

Lastly, this is a Yummiland doll. My girlies have a bunch of them, and lately they have been making pretend commercials with them (which are really funny by the way). Katherine had enough allowance saved up for a new one and needed it- BADLY! I had to drive to three different toy stores to find Miss Ruby Licorice. I will try not to whip out the movies of the commercials to show her dates when she's older.

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kaoticorchid said...

The dolls are cute, the socks are beautiful, the gnome is awesome! Looks like you've been having some fun lately. You should definitely let me know if the Regia silk is as nice to wear as it is to drool over-I still have some of that in blue I have to knit up. Wahoo!