Thursday, March 01, 2007

Finishing Up Some Loose Ends

Before I can begin playing with my new yarn I figure I had better get some WIPS out of the way. First off this is the olive green Regia Silk sock that I had started over approximately five times. If you go back a bunch of posts you can see various incarnations of this sucker. Every time I tried to begin a new design, it just got fugly on me (it couldn't possibly be my fault). I finally fell back on the Eagle's Flight pattern which I used heavily this past Christmas. I guess I am having some sort of creative block.

Next up, the girl Girl Scout badge project. I had myself a mini assembly line cranking out these treasure pouches. The girls did the burnout on silk/rayon velvet as part of their wearable art badge. We added a couple of cane glass beads to the cords and voila, badge complete.

I did have a minor problem with my SW haul. I tried using my new Nancy's Knick Knacks yarn meter today to see how it worked. And it didn't. It kept getting stuck in the tens digits like some sort of numerical nightmare. I ended up calling the 800 phone number and spoke with Mr. Knick Knack. He said these gadgets are modified fishing line meters and I probably have a defective one. So, he was very nice and said to just detach the screwy meter from its base and mail it back to him for a replacement. I love good customer service. Now- I must finish up sock number two, before I fall into a funk again. Later peeps!

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~Kristie said...

That sock is GORGEOUS!! I'll definitely be adding that sock pattern to my "must knit" list.