Monday, February 26, 2007

She Came, She Knit, She Shopped

Yes, the title pretty much sums up the lost weekend at Stitches West. It was a knitter's high in every way, such total immersion. I am so fried from the overload that I just kind of arranged the shopping haul into one condensed photo so that I won't bore anyone with pics. Here you go:

It was worth practicing some self control and doing the knit from your stash edict. Now if I want to, I can lock myself up in a room for year . Well not exactly, but you get the point. I have some more photos, but I will share them later when they are more meaningful.

While I was gone, the ponies partied hard and had a road trip. Life is good all around.


kaoticorchid said...

Woohoo! Looks like you had an absolute blast! What great spoils you've come away with!

FaerieLady said...

Oh what a beautiful haul :-)