Sunday, February 18, 2007

Meet Blackjack

Katherine is dogsitting for a couple of days. It's our neighbors' pug mix, Blackjack. What a face! When he was adopted from the shelter, his name was Yoda. He's only about a foot tall and he is bursting with personality.

Well the shawl is off the needles. I tried to darken the violet on the edge after binding off. I was aiming for an eggplant, but it is a little splotchy. I now need to dig through the bead bin for something to make a beaded crocheted edging. It will distract you from the splotchy dye job. I am planning to buy some blocking wires when I hit the SW Market. I am looking forward to seeing how a set of blocking wires will enhance my knitting life. I'll keep you posted.

1 comment :

kaoticorchid said...

Can't see the splotchiness through the striped towel, but I'm sure it'll look fine. It's still beautiful lace!