Friday, February 16, 2007

Girl Scout Badgework

These are the results of the fiber etching on silk/rayon velvet. Fun huh? I was sweating this one-hoping that the areas that were a little pooled with the etching gel would not burn through. The gods were on my side. Next, I will stitch them up into drawstring pouches.

These are my girls' friendship bracelets. Stephanie got frustrated and impatient with the beads but we made it through. Between these items and the posters they worked on last week they completed enough requirements to earn the Art to Wear badge (my kind of badge!).

Lastly, this is all of the yarn I have left. There are nine more rows of edging. I think I can make it. I had to rip out two rows the day after Valentine's Days due to merlot related mistakes.

Note to self : Put knitting down when the wine starts to kick in.

P.S. The Yarn Harlot is going to appear at my alma mater, FIT. HOW COOL IS THAT!!!!!!!! Party on Wayne! Party on Garth!

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