Tuesday, December 26, 2006

A Late Merry Christmas

I thought I would show you my luminarias from Christmas Eve. The Boy Scouts were selling them as a fundraiser. What a great idea.

I promised the Benevolent Dictator that I would flash my Christmas haul. I bought the lace knitting book with my B&N card (thanks Denise). It's total lace porn. A must for any lace knitter's collection. A lovely gnome from Katherine. A tapestry tote and Kohl's card from mom. Celtic Women from my Steph. Target, Eddie Bauer and Kohl's cards from Jerry and wonderful Will. Gardening for Dummies from Denise. Yes, I have quite a Dummies collection and I get the point! And lastly a bootleg Prada tote from Anne.

Anne has a connection with Dan The Pocketbook Man. She meets him at his van at a parking lot to do her shopping. A shady deal, if you ask me. I hope I never have to tell my kids that grandma is in the slammer for receiving counterfeit goods. Grandpa says he'll turn her in. Oy!

Knitting pics tomorrow! Peace!

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