Sunday, December 24, 2006

Curly Wurly

I could not help myself. I think I have to overdye my shawl, when completed, to make it a dark chocolaty curly wurly brown.

I am still holding strong on the Knit From Your Stash edict, though I was tempted by the fiber sirens this last week.

The kids are bouncing off the walls with Christmas anticipation. Jerry, Will and Katherine will be leaving for New York on Christmas night. They are going to visit both sets of grandparents. Stephanie does not transition and travel well. She needs her space and time alone. We'll stay back together for a laid back loungy week. I will miss my gang.

Off to fold, pack, wrap and be merry.


1 comment :

Craig Broadbent said...

Wow! Thats brought back a few memories. Nice to see a Curlywurly getting the lime light! Do they still excist? Or is it me just getting that little older...