Friday, December 29, 2006


I started off making this hat in Henry's Attic Montana. But I scrapped it. The color impact was too heavy for this yarn weight and would just look too cartoony. It was not very flattering with my ethnic features (Wlaysewski/Dankowski nose).

I tried again with a variation to the Knitty coronet. It's still very loud but I am forging on. It is just a 'walk your child to the bus stop in the dark' hat. It will be fine, I think.

Then I over dyed this Harry Potter sweater (from Interweave, a few years back). I hadn't worn it because it was a fugly bright pea green. So into a brown and black dyebath it went and things toned down to a nice rich olive color. I am pleased and relieved it did not have to go into my give to the Salvation Army bag. I like the racking of the zigzag stripes, a fun construction detail.

Lastly, here is a clue for my next dye project. Think Fibonacci numbers. By the way, the book is much better than the movie.

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