Saturday, November 18, 2006

One more dye job before Thanksgiving

Yes, I needed a break after completing my first red scarf. A dye job was just the remedy. So, I cranked out some giftable sock blanks. I wanted to get one last dye fix in before Thanksgiving break. With my goofy kids at home, dyeing is close to impossible.

I love this old government issue oven. Don't worry- that roaster is dedicated only to dyeing. I bought it at Dillards a couple of years ago at holiday time for $20 and it has been working like a champ!

Voila! The resulting sock blanks strangely resembles my bathroom rug from Target. They have to hire me someday for their design team. At least for my color sense! Yes, I can picture myself in a meeting with Isaac Mizrahi, Todd Oldham, and that Shabby Chic chick discussing themes and story boards and whatnot. Well, maybe in another life.

Today, were off to the Redwoods for a camping overnight. Hopefully I'll return with some blog worthy pics. Later!!!!!

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