Sunday, November 19, 2006

Not Quite the Redwoods

Somehow, the campground in the Redwoods lost our reservation. We didn't want to disappoint the kids, so Jerry scrambled and found a KOA campground in Petaluma. It was literally right off the highway but that didn't seem to affect anyone. We ended up renting a plain cabin as well as our RV slot.

The playground was up to par.

But the best feature by far was the petting farm. Anyone out there know what kind of sheep these are ? We were calling them sheephenge because of their alignment. I loved them.

Here is the classic donkey photo. You may notice I am refraining from ass jokes.

And to put us in the Thanksgiving mood, here is your token turkey.

Since we were right on highway 101, we hit Kohls on the way home for sneakers and jeans for Will. I controlled myself and steered clear of the factory outlets. Maybe next time. Sorry guys, no knitting content, unless you count the sheephenge thing.

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