Sunday, November 02, 2014

Rhinebeck Roadtrip: Part Two

Saturday morning we got up early like it was Christmas or something.  We ate quickly and hightailed it up route 9 to the Dutchess County fairgrounds.  We heard that lines and parking lots were an issue, and  we wanted to get a good start on this yarntastic day.

There was a line.  We were towards the front of it and could actually see the gate.  So far, so good.

When we got in, Heather wanted to do some solo stuff so we separated and Lynn and I made a bee line for the Fiber Optic booth.  I saw the gradient yarns and fibers online and they are perpetually sold out.  We got in and out of there rather quickly with no bruises.  There were other booths that had crowd control issues (Jennie the Potter, Miss Babs, and Dragonfly Fibers).  We did pretty well with avoiding the bottle necks.

               None of us bought fleeces, but the fleece vending area was a hot bed of craziness.

     I am not into processing a whole fleece at this time, and I wouldn't know how to select something.

        Now finding things ready to spin and knit,  that is more my style and level of involvement.

                             Check out the dyed and processed fluff.  Pretty saturated and fluffy.

                                           We found good eats too.  Lots of lamby stuff.

And the artichoke French.

There was also a building full of fancy foods like Artisan cheeses, wines, pickles, cured meats chocolates,  pastries,  maple syrups, and herbs.  It was dubbed the husband tent, by some people.

I need to post photos of the critters too.

We did the Ravelry meet up thing.  That was a cluster of crazy.

I went fangirl on Casey.  He was tolerant and didn't yell for security.

And Jess acted so totally chill.  They are pros at this crowd stuff by now.

Just a few more photos to complete the weekend:

World music band that got progressively more annoying over the weekend.

Guy in Gandalf garb.  Why?

I have to post our Rhinebeck garments:

Lyn's masterpiece

Heather's mitts

My rolling Rock sweater, which was covered up most of the time.

                                       sorry for the tiny back view,  it is all lace (in a bottle motif)

Lastly, here is my haul.  I tried to label things, but it started getting all cluttered.

I hope it keeps me busy for awhile.  I can't wait to start planning for the next trip.

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