Saturday, November 01, 2014

Rhinebeck-2014 (part one)

After dreaming about going to the New York Sheep and Wool Festival  (aka Rhinebeck) for the past two years,  I got my act together and finally did it.  Along with Lyn and Heather, we planned our pilgrimage.  Yes, there was really a planning meeting for this trip. We loaded up the car on the Thursday before and drove through Canada.  Peanut M&M's were the snack of choice for powering through our neighboring country to the north.

Canada was non-eventful, as we were on our best behavior.  Our first night's stay was in Buffalo, New York.  We were tired, so the easiest thing to do was walk over to the neighboring Thai restaurant for dinner (gluten-free bonus). 

Lyn  found out that we were staying less than five miles from Niagara Falls.  I  haven't been there since I was a little kid, we had to do this detour.  Here are our early Friday morning Niagara Falls photos:

The falls, in all their glory

and this,

                                           and don't forget this ridiculous windblown shot

                                                            and my hand modeling gig

Myself, Heather and Lyn

My sock in progress photo

It was rainy that morning , but by the afternoon, the weather had cleared up and we were driving through the gorgeous colors of the upstate fall foliage.

Here is a shot of the bridge that we took over the Hudson River: 

It separated us from the Rhinbeckers that stayed in Kingston and Saugerties (I heard they were a rough crowd).

We got a swanky hotel suite, thanks to Jerry's travel points.  It looked all pretty and such when we first got there.

It even had a built in blocking table.  They must have known knitters were coming.  Lyn used it for her Stephen West technicolored sweater.

She finished it in the nick of time.

Friday evening we foraged around for deli food and some sushi.  We rested up for the next two days that were the blur known as Rhinebeck.  The next blog post may just be a big disjointed mish-mash of photos,  I was quite high on the fiber fumes and pan flute.

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