Sunday, March 30, 2014

Winter is Leaving........maybe

     This winter has gone on forever.  If I was a weaker person,  I would have possibly lost my mind.  But,  I used this extended season to hunker down and get some serious knitting done.


    After all of the holiday knits, it was time for some indulgent lace.  I am working on a Jared Flood circular shawl called "leaves of grass", using Jaggerspun Zephyr laceweight.  The pattern itself was a fun knit that was presented in an easy, logical way.  I am now working through the edge, adding beads as I go.  The beads add a tiny bit of weight so that it behaves well and hangs nicely.  They also add just a small amount of sparkle.


I bought this tool on Etsy, called the Fleegle beader.  It is a long wire with a notch that allows you to preload about 40 beads at a time.


This saves you from the ordeal of picking up an individual bead each and every time, and speeds up the process.  I think I want to add beads to everything I knit for a while.


This was started before the bead thing kicked in.  This is called the "Huntress" vest. It doesn't really call for be-dazzling.  The yarn is Miss Bab's Yowza in a rich semisolid teal.  I accidentally left my printed pattern for this vest at a church where Steph meets with her disability network friends.  I have to try and track down my lost pattern next week because I scrawled a bunch of notes and info down.  Hopefully, someone didn't toss them.

We also pulled together for a winter knitting and fiber weekend.   My friend Allie's parents graciously offered us their house while they were out of town.  The big hit of the retreat was the "Swants Workshop" led by Lyn.  I did not partake in the swants making activity, but I had a great time watching them get sewn.  Here are my favorite photos from the retreat.

                      Celia performed the opening ceremonies in Viking garb:


                                          This is Lyn in a bulky Swantsy sweater:


                          And, saving the best for last, is Kat.  Kat went all out in a "Swonesie".  


                                             Yep,  that's how we amused ourselves this winter.

                                        In other fiber related news, I got inked with a yarny tattoo. 


 I have been wanting one for a long time. Like since getting tattoo prizes in crackerjacks as a kid.  Again, my knitter pals were there for me to help me get my courage up.  I love it.  Jerry- Not so much.


        I also dragged my spinning wheel out and got some spinning done.   This fiber is from a bond sheep.   Spinning is such a relaxing activity, once you get the technique down.  I should try and spin more this year.  This skein shall be nicknamed 'shaken, not stirred', in honor of James Bond.

         It was nice blogging today after such a long break.  I'll try not to be a stranger.

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