Saturday, September 14, 2013

Almost Fall

Another beautiful summer at the Soxchik Compound.  I played in my garden pretending that I knew what I was doing.  Jerry tackled the lawn like a boss.  I weed whacked the weeds..... a lot.  But they may have won.

We got a good amount of tomatoes (the greenish brown heirloom ones were the tastiest), and dribs and drabs of everything else.  Not really really a big harvest.  I will just try harder next year.

I did try and make ratatouille with all of the vegetables.  It kind of tasted horrible.

Some changes this fall are that the house is a little quieter.  One of the girlies moved into the dorm and is studying dental assisting.  She gets a break from her sibs and comes home (if she wants to) for the weekends.

I did a lot of knitting this summer.   I cranked out a couple of lace shawls.  They'll be reserved for holiday gifts.

This light green (Jaggerspun, Zephyr laceweight) shawl was a test knit called Starlight.  I think since I've finished knitting it, the designer reworked the pattern and flipped the heart charts around.  

This light blue one has been on Ravelry for awhile.  It is called Vernal Equinox.  The charts are very easy to follow.  The yarn for this one is a laceweight wool from Briar Rose.

I also started knitting hats.  There will be lots of slouchy hats.  

My current project is a lace cowl in alpaca.  I love how it looks laying on top of the light box, except for the stripes.

This one looks a little better.

I also snuck out to the Michigan Fiber Festival with one of my friends from my knitting group, Alesha.
We did a whirlwind day trip, leaving early in the morning, driving south for 3 hours, shopping for two hours, and the long drive home.  I didn't go overboard like I do at Stitches.  I wrote a list and stuck to it.

I love the warmer richer colors.  Out of my usual comfort zone colors, but they felt right this time.  The kettle corn was to divert Jerry from my yarn haul.  I don't think it worked.

Here is a photo of the ground under some apple trees that are tucked into our little wooded area.  I knew they were there, but I never saw what they yielded when the conditions were right.

A giant dessert buffet for the deer.  Most nights, I find these guys snacking away.  Sometimes they make angry snorts and run away.  And then return when the coast is clear.  Eat up guys, winter is coming.

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