Monday, June 10, 2013

The Garden is Ready

I started my garden...again.

I am trying out some landscape fabric to keep the weeds and sumac shoots at bay.
I didn't have anything fancy to keep the fabric from blowing and shifting, so we grabbed what we had hanging around to secure the perimeter (fireplace stones, railroad ties, big rocks, small rocks, gnomes and fallen branches).  It looks very random, as a soxchik garden should look.  Though it may need some fresh yarn bombs to give it some style.

What's in there?  Four types of tomatoes  including some cosmonaut ones that Jerry found, bell peppers, zucchini, two kinds of eggplant, corn, pumpkins, and some usual herbs.

Wish us luck this year!

And on the knitting front....
I am also stuck in some sort of stockinette hell.  I fell in love with the Tin Can Knits Bonny sweater and there is a ton of stockinette stitch before anything exciting happens.  What is scary to me is that I am not even sure that I have the right size or gauge going on and I  might be wasting all of my time knitting endlessly in circles only to be ripped out later because of gauge failure.

Here is a photo of what is have going, so far.  I think I need about four more inches before I start the lace v-neck insert part, otherwise it will look like a belly shirt (no can do).  The body part is supposed to have this negative ease thing going on.  My only thought is,  "Did I go too negative?"  I know that when I wet block it there will be some room for stretching and shaping of this somewhat.  

I am going to plod onward and pray that I got this going the right way.

Stay tuned for what happens to the Barnwood Bonny!

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