Tuesday, January 31, 2012


What is up with with all this plum color?

Here it is in my Nuvem knit along project. It is slow going and uses very few brain cells. I could practically work on this in my sleep.

Then it appeared in some socks. They are knit with Zauberball sock yarn. I like the fuzziness of this yarn after they are washed, but found some torquing issues with the socks due to the yarn being a single ply. There were also several knots and color sequencing issues that popped up. Perhaps it was a bad day at the mill (hangovers from Octoberfest?).

Then there's my Kauni skirt. I loved knitting this but was at a loss for how to wear it. How does one accessorize a 'church lady' skirt? Definitely granny boots. I wanted to get a corset style belt, but that was a tall order to find one in Northern Michigan. I ended up finding a stretchy toggle belt (at the Grand Traverse Mall!). It will work for one of my Stitches West outfits/costumes. Just a few more weeks.

I've been doing some really good baking. Katherine gave me these two gluten-free cookbooks for Christmas. Carol Fenster is a genius when it comes to substituting flour. Her bread is so tasty that the whole family attacks the loaves when done. That has never happened before in my gluten-free baking life. I don't mind sharing, if they don't mind helping me track down the quirky ingredients.

Gotta go make tracks!

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woolydaisy said...

can't wait to see your skirt!!!! what sock pattern????