Sunday, January 08, 2012

Ninja Warrior

This weekend we tested out our Ninja blender. Last night, it handled pina coladas like a champ. Today I made hummus in just a couple of minutes. Usually I detest 'as seen on TV' products (and Jerry cannot seem to get enough of them). But I am liking this one. It isn't too big, or messy, and the blades are super sharp. Maybe it will last a couple of uses.

I also made some nice bread. It's gluten free white bread, nothing fancy. I found the secret ingredient (shhhh, it's guar gum) at the Edson Farms health food store. It helps thicken and bind the flours. My bread is now behaving like real bread. Guar gum rules!!!

No, I haven't abandoned knitting. I am wrestling with this sock. It is taking forever, because the yarn is so dark in color. I adjusted the contrast and exposure so that the stitches could be visible, but it is really charcoal, soot and berry colored. I think I need to try out the bendy lamp my mom gave me.

How's that for fashionable ninja headwear!

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