Sunday, April 10, 2011

Super Freak

I'm a Super Freak, I'm Super Freaky. Leave it to me to get some rare rash that stumps the doctor. Back in February, while at Stitches West I was getting very itchy on my inner elbows. I thought nothing of it and dismissed it. I wasn't going to let a little itchiness ruin my trip. When I got back home , the rash had grown to both arms, and legs. I picked up all sorts of natural soap, creams, salves and oils. You name, I slathered it on. It just stayed weird and rashy.

I went to my doctor twice. On the second visit, she did a biopsy, a shot in the fanny, and a prescription for some steroids. I was getting pretty miserable by this point. I also convinced myself that I caused this rash myself by eating a paczki (Polish pre-Lenten doughnut) in my craze of celiac paranoia.

Third time back to the doctor, and the biopsy results are in. I have Lichen Planus. Excuse my profanity but WTF?!? It can last for up to a year. So if you see me, please excuse my lichens.

I am finished with knitting my skirt. Here it is pre blocked, before I bound it off:

Jerry says I look like the Church Lady. I am so flattered. Between my leprosy and my Church lady look, I am beside myself.

Here is a photo of the skirt blocking. I used fiberglass driveway markers and T-pins to shape it.
No more photos of me modeling, until it's finished.

I am making a lace edged, slip/petticoat to wear under the skirt.

Next, I need to knit up some bloomers to go under these layers. Just kidding!!! (maybe!)


woolydaisy said...

total bummer about the lichens-what the hell is it?

love the church lady skirt:) bloomers are a must!!! you need to get some old lady shoes too!

did you see stitches midwest has a skirt class? looks cool! i want to knit the daisy skirt-do they make yarn out of recycled carharts?

Jill L said...

"Isn't that special"?!

Love your skirt and is does not look like anythng the afore-quoted Church Lady.

Sorry about your hives! Yikes!

magnusmog said...

Lovely skirt, hope the lichen leaves you soon!

Noreen said...

Great skirt. Bad rash. Hope you are feeling better.