Thursday, February 03, 2011

Snow Day

The great Mid Western storm hit a couple of days ago. We have been getting snow here almost every day now, so we didn't get into the full panic of storm prep (buying milk, bread, eggs, TP, candles and batteries) this time. The storm did blast us with some more snow and the kids and Mr. Soxy got a 'snow day' from school. A good day to hole up and stay warm.

I forgot to post about a milestone. Will turned 18 years old last week. He chose to celebrate by going to the Olive Garden for dinner and ice cream cake for dessert. That boy (I mean man) can eat!

I have been having trouble with finding the right project for my handspun BFL. I am not the best gauge swatch knitter. I usually just grab a pattern and dive right in. Most of the time, I have great luck. But dealing with handspun, which isn't always consistent in size has me spinning in circles. I first tried a triangle garter stitch shawl that ended up too tight.

My second shawl was going kind of funky with texture- the dinosaur points on the edge were too dramatic. They also consumed too much yarn. I had to quit before there was a major fashion failure.

I ended up trying a pattern called Autumn Flutters. I like the semi circular shape and the bands of different stitch patterns. Nothing too complicated here. I hope it blocks out nice or I will have to blame the yarn for failing me over and over again. It will break my little handspun's heart. I hope to get it done by the weekend.

Maybe I will get it finished before my Saturday morning knitting group. I joined a group of knitters that meet at a yarn store in the tiny town of Cedar, called Wool and Honey. They just started doing this Saturday morning gig and since the kids like to sleep in on the weekend, I thought I would give it a try. Let's see how long I can handle the early Saturday wake-up routine.

P.S. I am still hooking!


weavinfool said...

I like the pointy dragon scales. What is that pattern?

soxchik said...

Wast Side by Gudrun Johnson of Shetland Trader. I love pointy dragon scales too, but these seemed to be super sized. I am guessing it was my yarn and/or gauge.

jeni said...

I like the look of your hooking - are you using fleece?