Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sewing with my Girlie

The kids had off for Martin Luther King Day. Katherine wanted to work on her tote bag project. Last weekend, she spent a couple of hours laying out the pattern pieces, pinning and cutting. I could have speeded things up by doing it for her, but this needed to be a learning experience.

She picked out a contrasting hot pink cotton for the lining. Of course there's a cell phone pocket. The other side has a zippered pocket, which I helped install. Zippers are a big pain in the ass to sew. Katherine didn't need to deal with a zipper on her first big project. We tried putting in a magnetic snap closure. It was a failure because the magnets were too strong and we thought it might pull through the fabric. We ended up removing the snaps. I'm thinking a self fabric tie closure will work out better. Next weekend I will show her how to finish the shoulder strap, hide the holes from the snap disaster, attach ties, and close up the lining.

She's so pleased. I love the pattern. And.... it was free on this website. I think I may have to make one or two for Steph and myself.

Now back to knitting and that dreaded laundry mountain.


woolydaisy said...

wow! great job katherine! i want one!!! with daisies on it of course:)

i foresee an etsy shop!

Jill L said...

Cool- hey how the hooking go? Pick up any pocket money for Stitches?

soxchik said...

thank ya woolyyyy from Katherine=)

El at Tantalizing Stitches said...

beautiful bag! you must be so proud. you must have a lot of patience as i would tend to interfere and "help" out :) great job.