Saturday, May 29, 2010

Sheep to Skein

This is how Petunia's fleece looked right out of the box. A little bit of veggie matter and a lot of dust. I gave the locks a scouring with Dawn dish washing liquid, and off came the gunk. Underneath the dirt and lanolin was a pretty vanilla.

I used the hand cards and brushed the remaining debris out and aligned the fibers.

It was an easy spin, enhanced with merlot for the total zen experience.

Here's how the skein came out. I need to get some more done. Tour de Fleece, here I come!

The tomato monster in the front yard has started producing. I had to shroud it in bird netting because raccoons and possums were leaving teeth marks in some of the fruit. I am thinking of getting some mosquito netting for myself, as they are hatching en masse and attacking me every time I go outside. Yesterday, I had a giant goose egg bite on my forehead. Maybe I'll hit the Academy Sports camping department for one of those mosquito shirts. Or maybe, just for fun, I'll Google beekeeping clothes. That would get the neighbors talking.

So here's a photo I took before the bug bite invasion. These are retro rib socks that I knit up out of Miss Babs sock yarn in chocolate kisses. I love anyone named Babs, especially if they have great sock yarn.

The apron obsession continues. While Jerry's mom was here, I snuck out to the fabric store and picked up some coordinating prints for my next apron project. This one is reversible. I can't wait to figure out how it's constructed.

Here's some bonus photos! Will earned a letterman jacket for being a Special Olympic athlete. He is so proud. So am I.

And so is Grandma Bird of Paradise!


Jen said...

Love the new yarn! Not sure I'll ever be dedicated enough to start with fleece myself, but I loved seeing your step-by-step. Miss Babs' stuff is great; our LYS carries her yarn and fiber (I foresee many purchases of that in my future). And congrats to Will!

woolydaisy said...

you are sooooooo amish girlfriend!!!

magnusmog said...

good luck with the biting bugs and well done to Will!