Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Kid and Ewe and a Freak Out Too!

Kid and Ewe weekend was fabulous. There were a few bumps in the road, but life always has a few twists and turns.

I got a late start on Friday, due to a malfunction of the TomTom gps software (we could only get travel instructions for Guam for pete's sake!!!). Then while driving , a rock flew into the windshield and gave it a good chip. That was probably an omen for things to come.

I got to Boerne about 5:00pm, met up with Joanne and Cati and shopped and spun for a little while. Then I checked into my 'rustic' motel and headed out for Mexican food.

Saturday was a continuous day of spinning, shopping, and snacking. Here is a photo of my haul of fibers:

I can't even tell you what they are right now, but they all have name tags and fiber contents which I will refer to later on down the road.

Here is a photo of Cati in a cotton dyeing class. They used these nifty little divided dishes from a dollar store to lay their skeins in. Genius!

I loved this woman's makeshift trashbag apron. All she needed was a flowerpot hat to achieve the Devo look!

I met Buffalo Gold's Ron Miskin and picked up a skein in a cranberry for a beret for Jerry. And also a little laceweight in a luscious teal for myself (I'll photograph them later). He also showed me some white buffalo that they have been attempting to breed. How exotic can you get!

Here is a gigundo shawl I had admired and stared at it all weekend long. A person could get lost in it, though it was quite gorgeous.

Here are some of the alpacas that came for the weekend. One of the brown guys was very vocal.

I noticed one barn had a bunch of garbage bags of fleeces they were selling for $20. I dug around and found this gray rambo cross mega fleece that weighed 13 lbs!

The processor looked at it and advised me to do the skirting out back on a picnic table and to shake out some of the hay bits. I grabbed my friends and we had an old fashioned, on the spot hayshaking party. By the time we got through it, the fleece was down to 10 pounds of cleaner wool and we were all kind of earthy smelling. But our hands were silky soft with lanolin.

These Yorkies were there in a playpen. Why? I have no idea.

Sunday, I left Boerne at 10:00, and that's where the real drama began. The car's radiator light and check engine light were both flashing. I had a freak out moment and called Jerry and cried.
He gave me number for AAA and found me a Pep Boys to get 'little red' towed to.

I tried to relax by knitting a hat in the customer waiting area of Pep Boys while waiting for my men to come rescue me. I didn't blend in too well.

Here's how the hat is turning out.

By the way, we decided that the VW isn't very reliable any more at 11 years old with several cross country trips in it's history. We offered it up to whoever wanted it, and a coworker is going to buy it from us. We'll be getting another car in a few days. More on this later.


wooly daisy said...

so glad you made it home safe!!!
so very jealous of your new stash!!!
looks like you had a blast. when will you get your fleece back?

mary jane said...

I know the time at PepBoys was stressful...but helluva hat you got out of it!