Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Catch Up

Sorry I have been ignoring this bloggy blog of blogness, but I have been busy being a mom lately.

I haven't done much, so there isn't much to post about. But.. here are three photos that'll bring everything up to date:

Here is Will on Halloween in his Bumblebee Transformers helmet. He loves the helmet!

Here is some really loud (think kryptonite) green BFL that my friend Katie dyed up and I spun last Saturday. Katherine loves it and wants some fingerless mitts made out of it for the bus stop (and teen gurl awesomeness). I can manage that request.

Jerry asked me to knit up some possum yarn watch caps for some pilots at work. Possum yarn is super warm and will work well in those chilly cockpits. I found a classic pattern and am in the process of cranking these out. They are only 80 stitches around, so they knit up super quick. I'll let you know how they like them.

On Friday there will be a swap. I am heading to Boerne in Texas Hill Country for a mini fiber festival called Kid and Ewe. It is small and quaint with only about 20 vendors. I will love it. I will have Jerry's mom (her alias is Bird of Paradise) flying in from N.Y. as my replacement. I'm sure they will have a bohemian weekend, as will I. I'll keep you posted. Adios!

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