Sunday, October 18, 2009

Spin Cycle

I have been meaning to post but lately I've been distracted. I have been focusing on spinning and trying to work towards a more uniform fine yarn. The problem is that I don't practice enough. Soooo, over the last few weeks, I've been working on spinning down my stash of rovings. Here is one from Judy (Stitches West) that is a little on the thicker side. I was aiming for sock weight or finer.

Here is some watercolor finn that I dyed up. The dog got skunked the day after I had dyed it and I was so lucky that I had put it away and it didn't get ruined.

On the left is the finn spun up. The plummy one on the right is some corriedale that was getting towards the desired thickness. Now I think I better work on some gift cowls to knit down the handspun stash. And then in November I'm going to the Kid and Ewe sheep fest to hunt down more fiber. It's a crazy vicious cycle that spinners and knitters put themselves through.

I've been working on some socks for my gift pile. I think that this one is from Lisa Souza's petite hard twist. But if it isn't, then it's one of Tess' sock yarns. The pattern is from Cookie A and you could probably guess that from the crazy cable action it has going on. Not an easy to follow pattern, don't watch any foreign movies with subtitles and easy on the wine with this one.

Thanks to our local grocery store, you get a bonus WTF with this post. While cruising the poultry aisle looking for inspiration for dinner, I came across this wonder of wonders. What does one do with a package of chicken feet? I know they are popular in Asian cultures, but we are living at the base of Mexico. I am going to research chicken feet recipes and see what comes up. Meanwhile, doesn't this look like something that goes into a witch's cauldron? Spooky!


Jennifer said...

That's a WTF all right!

I was in a stall at Rhinebeck checking out some hand-dyed yarn when a woman sighed and said, "I guess I need to learn how to spin so I can make myself yarn for less." You could tell who the spinners in the stall were--we were the ones doubled over with laughter. Then we explained the economics of spinning to her.

wooly daisy said...

i have a great idea for the chicken feet- liam and had fresh wild turkey legs from back when our friend shot a turkey on our land-we put borax on them to dry them out-you could do that with the chicken feet-then string them as a garland and hang with orange holiday lights-for a holloween treat!!!!! rad!!!! maybe we could sell the garlands on etsy!!!

love your spinning can't wait to see what you do with it.