Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Good, The Bad and the WTF

So here is the good. I finished my Aeolian shawlette from Knitty. It was wildly addictive and hard to put down at times. I think I cranked it out in a week which might even qualify for some sort of Ravelry record.

Here is me practicing some twirls and Stevie Nicks moves. I really should have permed my hair and popped on a gypsy skirt.

Here is some more good. I dragged out my bead bin and set the girls up for a bead session. They sat and beaded for two hours and talked without fighting. Beads have super powers.

Here is the bad. Actually very bad. I didn't even try and block this, it was that bad. The pathetic part was that I kept going because somewhere in the back of my mind I was hoping that it would magically get good looking. Well, that didn't happen. Very bad.

And here's my WTF. A mink thingy that I can't seem to throw out. it was hiding in my bead bin. It was once part of a wearable taxidermy piece . My friend gave it to me so I could trim a pair of Tlinget moccasins I was sewing. All I have left is the front half. I think I'll save it a while longer. It looks good hanging out of a basket.

Okay, here's one last twirl, while I'm in the mood!


Jill L said...

Love the whole "white-winged-dove" thing you have goin' on Stevie!

To bad about the other shawl - I had one like that and finally unraveled the whole thing and washed and rewound all 6 hanks of yarn. It felt good!

Anonymous said...

Seriously--you have to see about that transfer to DC so I can laugh more often! :-) Your Aeolian is just gorgeous.

kaoticorchid said...

Love your Aeolian. Totally on my list. That's awful about your And the mink thingy? Wtf?! Lol.

magnusmog said...

Love the shawl, am slightly freaked out by the WTF!!

wooly daisy said...

how bout putting the taxidermy in the bowl of chicken feet for holloween!