Sunday, August 16, 2009

Reinventing the Easy Bake Oven

I loved my Easy-Bake Oven as a kid. My mom would mix up a box of regular human sized cake mix and I would spend the whole day cooking over the light bulbs (what an idiot!).

Fast forward to two weeks ago, when I caught Jerry all glazey eyed watching an infomercial for this cooking machine that is compact and red and comes with several different pans. It looked like the perfect size for the RV. I asked him if he wanted it. He said he'd wait until Christmas.
I guess as soon as I was out of sight he bought the red wonder gadget, because it showed up on Friday. Not only that, but Katherine runs into her room and returns with some hidden boxes of cake mix! The stinker, she knew.

So here is a photo of Katherine's cakes. They sort of look like ladybug wings.

Here is the little red wonder machine.

Here are the ingredients for Steph's gluten-free, egg free cakes. I also picked up some pink food coloring, because pink makes everything better in Steph's world.

Here's one of Steph's moon cakes. She was thrilled.

I started a new pair of socks called blueberry waffle socks. The yarn looks more like blackberry. The pattern is a no brainer to remember, which is perfect for this last crazy week before school starts. Sigh.

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wooly daisy said...

the easy bake oven was always on my xmas list-never got it though. my mom was probably afraid of what my brothers would do to it.

the red oven thing looks just like the incredible edible machine-do you remember that? it was yellowish green and you opened the lid which was the mouth-it had eyes. you poured this goopy stuff in metal trays shaped like bugs heated it then you could eat it.-totally weird. but they was the unedibles too-you could make all kinds of creatures or bugs or flowers-they were rubber. too many kids must have burned themselves as it was short lived!!!