Sunday, August 02, 2009

Gurlies Shopping

Yesterday, the girls and I went off on an adventure to check out some antique shops, get some nail polish and hit the health food store, not necessarily in that order. Our first detour was this bead shop we never noticed before. It had rows and rows of tubes of seed beads. I had to compose myself and fight my magpie urges. I told the girlies that if they wanted to buy beads they had better have a project in mind first. Meanwhile, I never did that myself, I would just buy beads like crazy and deal with their destiny later. So we left before we got into trouble, but I definitely need to make something knitted with beads, and soon.

Then we drove to antique lane to search for treasure.

There were some junk shops mixed in with real antique shops. And sometimes it got very overloading. The musty smells mixed with the confused piles of clutter was a lot to deal with. Steph handled it surprisingly better than I did. Here's a pair of awesome Fendi sandals that Katherine spied. I love the colors and the hand painted platforms.

I spotted this old Belgian album of the Singing Nun, a sixties folk phenomenon. I remember the movie they made out of it with Debbie Reynolds. I tried to find it on Netflix but it's unavailable. I think I will order The Trouble with Angels instead. There was an oversaturation of Catholic influence(poisoning?) in my past.

We also found old treadle sewing machines and typewriters. The girls knew about typewriters from the book "Click, Clack, Moo" (ducks that type).

Then we found this weird cool alleyway that had neat stuff. Unfortunately it was over 100 degrees in there and we could only handle about five minutes.

We got so overloaded after about an hour of schmying that we had to bail. I only ended up with a lucky horseshoe that needs some cleaning up.

At home we chilled and did some funky home pedicures. I did a dark plummy purple with some dagger type things on the toes. Kath did some neon yellow with black designs, and Steph chose her signature pink. My toes got so cold that I wrapped my feet with some old Noro legwarmers. We then sat up late and watched the movie Mall Cop (very New Jerseyesque). It was a great girlie day.

Here's the last of my Sunflowers. As they say on those NPR parodies, Good Times.....


Jennifer said...

You'd get in some REAL trouble up here--the new LYS just opened up down the block from what is apparently an awesome bead store. I say apparently because I don't yet trust myself to check it out.

wooly daisy said...

sounds like a fabulous day!!! love your gnome vase!!!!! i'll keep eye out for funky texas kitsch for you.