Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Quick Air Show Summary

What I learned about photography and fast airplanes this weekend is that you have to be quick and accurate with the camera. I definitely do not possess the skills to be an airplane photographer. So I will show you my tiny dots of airplanes instead.

These dots are the Blue Angels taking out my eardrums.

These dots are the Golden Knights paratroopers jumping out of airplanes for fun.

These dots are my crazy neighbors across the street that set up camp on their roof for viewing. I am so happy they decided to leave their twin toddlers inside the house. Phew!

That's it for airplanes. I needed to take a short break from my Barn Raising Square factory. I have 45 squares done and that's a good start. I needed to cast on for the Lotus Blossom tank with some cotton/bamboo Webs yarn that I bought at Stitches West the previous year. It is a soft and drapey yarn that will hopefully make a nice comfy top for when things get sizzly here in Corpus Christi. I am knitting a size small on size 2 needles and getting gauge for a women's medium which is what I need. That is part of the woe of being a loose knitter. Always a gamble.

1 comment :

Anonymous said...

Missed you last night!

Did you happen to see the slightly larger dot in the sky that was the Blue Angels' C-130 on Sunday? If so, Steve was inside. He gets to have all the fun...