Saturday, April 25, 2009

Ant Attack!

No, not that guy! I've been collecting areas of ant bites on random parts of my body, like legs, upper arms, stomach. At first I thought I had contracted some sort of illness like shingles, but I don't have all of the symptoms. I also went nuts and checked for bedbugs with a flashlight at night. And the crazy part is I don't remember any ant attacks.

But I think I figured this out and found the culprit. Darla leaps into bed and attempts to smoosh into me (or spoon I guess) every night. I believe it's her herding instinct to never be more than five feet from me. So whenever she goes out into the yard, she's probably sneaking a few ants in her fur. So now it's time to address the anthills in the yard. I guess that makes me an ant bully.

I am making great strides on this "Thistle Blossom" tank (formerly known as the 'Lotus Blossom Tank" from interweave. It definitely looks more like a thistle than a lotus. I don't normally wear tanks and skin baring clothes. So I am a little peeved about all the ant bite scars which will take a while to go away. Bring on the skin balm. Curse you ants!

As a bonus photo, I got to be a mud flap gurl today! See:

On Jerry and Katherine's last RV adventure, they had a nasty tire blow out that tore the mudflap out. Since Jerry has big 'man hands', he needed to borrow my delicate knitterly monkey fingers to get in there and reattach the stripped out screws with longer ones.

P.S. I know my roots need work!


kaoticorchid said...

Sounds like it's time to break out the Everything Balm!

magnusmog said...

Ouch! I say, go and bully those ants!

wooly daisy said...

did you get rid of the ants yet? brutal!