Monday, April 06, 2009

As Seen On TV

Guess what Jerry bought on late night TV??????  No it's not from Ron Popeil or Billy Mays.
We're going Topsy Turvy!  We have bad sandy soil, with too many weeds and  nasty Texas sticker burrs.  The wind is pretty bad,  and the only safe place is the front patio.  We thought we would make the upside down tomato planters the focal point of our house.  I know all the neighbors will get jeal,  just you wait.
Saturday, was the Corpus Christi Special Olympics track and field events.  Since it was spread out and a very long day.  Jerry took charge of Will, and I had Steph's company.  There was a lot of down time on the bleachers.  I worked on a square.
Steph got a ribbon in the 100 meter dash and a gold medal in the softball toss.  Yay Steph!!!

Will got a silver in his dash and a bronze in softball throw.  Sorry, no photos of Will this time.   I was unable to clone myself .

That night we watched The Warriors on Netflix.  It is so funny and dated.  I loved the weird gangs and their costumes.  I highly recommend it if you like bad movies.  A great weekend.

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kaoticorchid said...

Yay for great weekends! Congrats to Will and Steph!

Hey, let me know how that Topsy Turvy works, will ya? I'm always interested in the next garden gizmo.