Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Balls in a Jar

No, not Jerry's, I meant yarn balls! I have a ton of sock scraps hanging around waiting for inspiration.

After assessing the situation and spending too much time on Ravelry, I decided the perfect solution to these remnants was to make a Barn Raising Quilt by Larissa Brown and Shelly Mackie. I am loving how easy they knit up, they are done with no purling. I am making my squares smaller to fit the size of my leftovers. The squares are portable and they will help whittle down the scrap heap to a manageable level. This project is going to take awhile!

So the dryer is broken and twice I had to sneak over to the Navy Lodge's laundry room across the street the dry a load. I was able to knock out a square during the 45 minute dry cycle and it fit nicely in my purse. I hope the repair guy gets it fixed tomorrow, because I'm afraid of getting busted (for laundry of all things!).

Some other Air Station action: This cute little vixen was trapped at the next aviation building over from our block. It was so sad to see her there Sunday night with her mate trying to rescue her. I went over there Monday morning and he was still with her, both frightened as can be. Hopefully, they just relocated her. I think the maintenance people were trying for skunks or raccoons. I didn't hang around for details, though I am heart broken.

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wooly daisy said...

omg! that is so sad? i hope they release her and they don't take her from her mate!!!!

love your squares! you can use them as coasters till you are ready to sew them together!