Saturday, March 07, 2009

Deep Fried

The first Saturday of every month is spinning day. What that means is my friends Joanne, who is in a master spinners program, and her sidekick Cady volunteer and demo spinning at the Corpus Christi Science and History Museum. They are always on the lookout for fellow spinners, so when they found out I spun, they snagged me. The spinners sit on this funny little stage area.

Nearby are old tractors, and coaches.

Check out this collection of old irons. It reminds me of Edna Turnblad( from the John Waters movie, Hairspray) lamenting about how much ironing she does.

We always take a lunch break and eat at the Brewster Street Ice House.
 Yesterday, I ordered  an avocado stuffed with chicken salad.  I thought this would be a nice and healthy meal along with my "sweet tea".  So when the server brought me this deep fried dinosaur egg bomb  I was a little surprised.  Texans will deep fry anything.  It really cracked me up.  By the way, I did end up eating it.  Now where's that deep fried Snickers bar???

So here's what I ended up spinning.  It's corriedale roving from Judy in Utah.  The colorway is called 'purple mist' I'll post a photo of it all plied because it looks less "Easter eggy" once plied.

On a final note, here is a photo of a huge bottle of barbecue sauce from Rudy's BBQ ( the wine bottle is for scale).  Jerry and his mom ordered so much take out from them while I was gone that they were given this great big bottle of "sissy sauce".  Hey, they survived.


wooly daisy said...

OMG! deep fried avocados!! i thought i'd heard it all!-ha! was it good?

love the irons!!!! and especially the picture of divine! sure miss that gal!

can't wait to see thee plied yarn.

magnusmog said...

Well, I'm from Scotland, the home of deep fried pizza and Mars Bars :)

Anonymous said...

You mean it reminds you of Elsa Turnblad( from the John Waters movie, Hairspray) lamenting about how much ironing she does?