Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Coming Out of the Yarn Coma (Stitches West 2009)

My body is still exhausted, the brain hurts and I am probably still running on the fumes from what is left of Stitches West 2009. It's like a Mardi Gras of sorts with friends, classes, yarn and alcohol. Then it ends abruptly and life is supposed to return back to normal. Except you have all these great souvenirs/purchases, photos, new friends and memories. I will try and summarize it though it was quite the blur.

I arrived in Santa Clara late Weds afternoon and took it easy that evening. I think I just hung out in the room and knit in my pajamas. I knew things would change drastically. Thursday I took a class called Fascinating Fibonacci. It was all about these numerical sequences that occur in nature. It was quite good. Halfway through the class, my friends Woolydaisy and Rhodie arrived. I set them up in the hotel room and returned to Fibonacci. After class I joined them for wine on the outdoor patio. Silly me, I sat on a wet chair cushion and soaked the fanny. Thankfully, I had a shawl to cover the wet spot. I didn't want to waste time running upstairs and changing when the market preview was starting.

They didn't want people photographing the yarn booths (which I understood), but I was able to get some nice photos of people's outfits.

Here's a sweet woman in shell pinks:

And this woman really knew how to wear her greens and coppers.... gorgeousness:

There was this totally cute purple lady:

And this is fellow Raveler, Curlie, who we met at the bar. She does brown well:

Now for some market floor WTFs.
Somebody had a basset in a stroller on the floor. Why? Perhaps a therapy or assistance basset.

A 'Not For Sale' gnome. I was ready to bring that guy home.

And some gigundo knitting needles. About size fifty something. The demo ladies were really struggling with them.

I'll stop here and continue tomorrow.


wooly daisy said...

great photos!!! what a bunch of characters!

Jill L said...

yea we heard you having a good time at the bar Friday night! I got some good stuff and took a great Ergonomics class....

magnusmog said...

what fun - I'm super jealous:)