Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Here We Go Again

Jerry's dad passed away last Sunday and he flew up to NY to attend the funeral. It has been a series of hospitalizations and long drawn out complications. He was in his eighties and his body was just tired of fighting. We will sorely miss Grandpa Art. My heart goes out to Jerry and his family.

Meanwhile, there is a hurricane heading our way. I made some reservations inland at a motel in case we have to evacuate. I am trying to keep calm and not freak out the kids, but this is a total WTF situation. Time to go fold my laundry mountain and pack some bags. FREAKING IKE. I'll post more later.


wooly daisy said...

hey gurl- so sorry about jerry's dad-please give him my condolences.

wow! another storm-hang tight there sweetie!!! hope it passes. sending calm winds your way!

kaoticorchid said...

Sorry to hear about Jerry's dad-that definitely sucks. Even when you're expecting something like that it doesn't make it any better when it actually happens.

You guys hang in there with all these hurricanes and whatnot-we've been thinking about ya'll and hope you've been staying safe.