Thursday, August 28, 2008

That Meme Thang

I was tagged by Woolydaisy a couple of weeks back and promised her that I would follow through (minus the tag part). So here it goes:

1. What was I doing 10 years ago?

Ten years ago, we were in Juneau, Alaska. Jerry was a lieutenant in the Coast Guard and we had bought our first house (that had a metal spiral staircase that made us nuts!). William was diagnosed as autistic but Stephanie still wasn't (though she and Kath were in an early intervention class). Also- I got really really sick and had to fly to Anchorage, got diagnosed with celiac sprue. It was a crazy period of my life, but is has calmed down and now under control somewhat.

2. What are five things on my to do list today in no particular order?

1. Get those kids on their buses.

2. Try and nap.

3. Cannot nap, too stressed from the school calling. Make some doctor's appointments for kids.

4. Fold laundry mountain while catching up on podcasts.

5. Set up family with an easy dinner so that I can dash off to the sit and stitch at the yarn shop, yay!

3. Snacks I enjoy:

Anything salty , crunchy and slightly savory. Favorites are chips and hummus, tamari flavored roasted almonds, sesame mexi-snax chips, popcorn, Dubliner Irish cheddar cheese, black sesame rice crackers, Indian food, fried rice. Yummmmm.

4. Places I've lived:

Born and raised on Long Island. I went to college upstate in Oneonta. I transferred to FIT and moved to New York City for a few years. Married Jerry and then all hell broke loose. We've lived in Kodiak,Alaska, New Orleans, Governors Island, NY, Juneau,Alaska, Germantown,MD, Edmond,OK, Novato,CA, and now Corpus Christi,TX.

5. Things I would do if I were a billionaire:

Get healthcare and debt taken care of for all of my family and friends.


Buy a ranch with a studio and some fiber bearing animals.

Do some world travel with family (and that staff).

6. What are some jobs you've had:

Paper route
Youth Conservation Corps worker
Cooking store party assistant
Concession worker at Jones Beach
Toddler pool life guard
Dunkin Donuts waitress
Maid at the pickwick motor inn (I cleaned Telly Savalas' room! ewwww)
College bookstore employee
Salesperson at Macy's and B. Altman
Assistant fashion designer at DJ Sportswear, Ann Stevens and Gregge Sportswear
Leather Worker at the Lazy M
Salesperson at the Bodyshop cosmetics store (while pregs with Will)

There it is, now aren't you sick of all of my babbling?

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wooly daisy said...

never sick of your babbling-i love peoples stories and histories!