Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Golden Ticket

The registration for Stitches West is open,  and like a good knitter I promptly called the first day so that could get into my selected classes.   I felt like Charlie Bucket when I received my confirmation in the mail.  

 And then things got even better.  I received an email from Deb Menz,  who is a color genius, that my number came up.  She and Sara Lamb got together and created the Color by Numbers Dye Series.  They are books with dyed yarn samples and recipe/formulas so that the colors can be duplicated over and over.  I had been on a waiting list for these dye books for about two years.  And lucky me the books are being assembled and distributed again.  I got my manual yesterday.

And here is a picture of me the next morning (Sunday) in my pajamas painting away at a shawl blank.  I think I ended up getting dressed about  2 pm after the roaster went into the  oven.  There was no sense getting any real clothes getting messed up with dye.  Thanks Jerry, for keeping the kids away from me while I got my dye fix.  I haven't done a machine knit blank since California.

Darla looks completely disgusted with my antics.  But I know my knitting friends will understand  my urgency!


wooly daisy said...

nice jammies! looks like fun! what classes did you get? darla seems very patient! will write when i'm back. hope all is well-s

kaoticorchid said...

That is so cool! Color me jealous!