Friday, September 19, 2008

After the Storm

The storm has passed and we are getting back to normal. We had to store away lawn ornaments, grill supplies and yard furniture because "anything can become a missile". I had visions of my gnomes diving into the neighbors windows. My gnomes look pretty angry from being locked into the garage. The middle one looks extra surly.

I have been biking with Stephanie and she is getting braver and more comfortable. We are beginning to venture a little further away from home each time. Here are some old training planes. I was trying to get Steph to do a Slim Pickens pose like in Dr. Strangelove, but the best she could do was to hang on the back engine thing.

Jerry was missing his Vespa and was ready to take the next step. Check out his new bike!

I was a lace knitting fool during the hurricane action. There was something calming about the repeats.

Katherine finished a purse. I only had to help her with the seaming. She makes me proud, my mini me!

Calm seas to you.


Jill L said...

what great pics! Poor gnomes --banished to the garage. are they not aware it was for their own good? sheesh!

Lissa said...

Random question, found your blog online. In Feb 2007 you had 2 pictures of your neighbor's dog Blackjack. That dog looks just like my mystery doggy!!! I want to ask them about their dog, maybe they know what he's made of or maybe he's a sibling. Is there a way to reach them or give them my email address? Thanks.

kaoticorchid said...

Good to hear that everyone (including the gnomes) made it out of Ike ok. Dig the bike!

wooly daisy said...

what a sunset, have the gnomes calmed down? they are very sensitive. katherine's bag is awesome and steph's slim pickens photo op is wonderful. my boys just watched that film!!!! how's the bike-better start knitting some cool skull stuff for hubby!!! i want that shawl!! gorgeous!! p.s. blue would be on the bed if it weren't for hubby!