Tuesday, August 19, 2008

One More Week

This is the last week before school starts. Everyone is on each other's nerves and I am so looking forward to getting a break. We bought all of the school uniform stuff (they like to call it a dress code) and supplies and I can't wait to send them off on their merry ways.

Darla was due for some shots, so I took her to the vet clinic on base. She's in good health and got some new jewelry. Check out her new rabies tag shaped like the great state of Texas. She's in the army now.

Here a photo of a huge moth I found yesterday. I'll put anything on this blog!

Speaking of moths, I am making this big round shawl and it looks like a moth's eyespot in the center. Kind of weird and creepy. I think I may do a correction paint job to the center, after it's finished. It's an Elizabeth Zimmerman Pi shawl and it's a fast fun knit.

Here is a photo of my first Bigfoot encounter. It was taken about twenty years ago at my future in law's house in Long Island. So weird.

Speaking of Bigfoot, I am getting together a Bigfoot shawl along in honor of those big hairy fellas wandering around in the woods. I found out that there is a lovely feather and fan pattern titled 'Bigfoot' in the book Wrapped in Comfort. Here is a photo I found of one all blocked out. Isn't it great? So if you are interested in this Sasquatchy endeavor sign up on the Ravelry SSK group's sign up thread. I think September would be a good time to start before things get too cold and Bigfoot goes into hibernation.


wooly daisy said...

hey gurl- i got the opposite problem-i'm dreading school starting next week. ugh!! summer is my time off. i had high hopes as usual-of getting all caught up in math and spelling during the summer months-and the days slip by-and my good intentions float down the river. i want to kick and scream when school starts again. i want to take a year off and say lets unschool-and do nothing-but what you want to do-forget standards forget testing forget all the bullshit!!!! but i return every year with my tail between my legs and follow the rules. i hate rules.

gee this maybe a trial run for a blog entry.
anyway-do i dare start a new project? the bigfoot shawl. i have a holiday craft show to knit for. holiday gifts too. i want to do it as i so love the theme. i have 4 skeins-from my stash! elsebeth lavold-silky wool. will that work? it's a total char-effin truese! yeha! i'm a spaz!

kaoticorchid said...

How funny! I love the picture. The shawls look great!

P.S.-In case you didn't get my Ravelry message, I got your package. Thank you so much! C and I love our matching footwear. :)