Wednesday, August 06, 2008

A Blast of Color

I received my reward pencil roving today in the mail.  Remember I was the one who found the hidden remote collection?  Anyway here are the dyed bundles of roving from Crown Mountain Farms.  Aren't they just stunning?   Some people just knit with the pencil roving straight up. I plan to spin it fine and Navajo ply it, to keep the colors true.  I also received an undyed pound so I can have some dye fun when things cool down around here.

Here is the website to Crown Mountain, their fiber is breathtaking:

I started a pair of socks out of Lucy Neatby's signature yarns.  This colorway looks like an old Grateful hippy, don't you think????

I did some more practice spinning to improve my technique and get my plying down.  I used some plain charcoal grey corriedale in my stash.   Katherine claimed it for a lace spiral beanie cap.  Maybe I overloaded her with my colors.  Maybe she's just being 13. 

P.S Grey is also my favorite.

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Jill L said...

love the colors of the sock and pencil roving, byt hey -- I'm a child of the 60's!