Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Waste Not, Ebay Stuff

While Jerry was in Texas, I got the idea in my head that I should start breaking down the craft room. But that was easier said than done. I had a bunch of dye stocks in the basement that were too nice to pour down the drain, so I thought I had better use them up. Which meant knitting up a bunch of blanks on the knitting machine. Which also meant a mini dye fest in my kitchen. Poor Jerry, every time he sees my dyeing roaster pan he thinks I am making a fancy turkey dinner. What a let down when he peeks under the lid and smells vinegar and sheep. By the way, I do keep my dye vessels separate from the human pans.

So goodbye for now, knitting machine.

Here are some photos of the dyed yarn and pre-knit blanks:

Some laceweight for a stripey 'old shale' scarf:

Another laceweight amount for a scarf, maybe shawl if careful:

Some superwash wool/nylon that Katherine helped dye and claimed for socks and wristlets:

About a pound of grey alpaca that will become an old shale or equally wavy design triangular shawl:

It was fun while it lasted, but I had to wash out all of my containers, syringes, measuring cups and brushes. It was a huge mess!

Next I decided to purge stuff from hobbies past. When the girlies were born on Governors Island, I had learned how to do English smocking from a couple of my neighbors. I had it in my head that Kath and Steph were going to have all of these beautiful handmade heirloom garments.   So I bought a pleater machine and a wooden pleater box that holds all of the threads.

The reality was that twins in addition to a very busy Will was a ton to handle. And even cute baby twin girls will spew stuff all over lovingly made clothes. So now I finally got myself to put the pleater and pleater box on ebay so that someone else can lovingly make heirloom clothing that will get spewed on. I told the kids if we make some money, I will buy them an extra large pizza. That thrills them to no end and they are cheering my auctions on.

Here are some old photos I dug up of the girls as toddlers in their hand smocked dresses. Note the hiking boots. There weren't any shoes in their size in Juneau at that time!

Here is the latest progress on the Kauni/Darla/Hula cardigan. This is a photo of two sleeves knitted together at one with steeks separating them. I am winging this part (it's not how the designer says to do it) so if I mess up, I am completely at fault for getting so full of myself and trying to improvise on Nordic knitwear techniques.

Lastly, Goodbye to Charlton, I loved his movies (and those damned dirty apes).

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kaoticorchid said...

Pretty pretties! I like the blue one that Katherine helped with the best. :) Good luck selling your pleater!