Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Jerry's Away

Jerry is down in Texas.  He is checking out his new job,  meeting with spec ed staff,  exploring housing options and getting a lay of the land.

While he is away  I do my best to keep things under control.  But for fun, I will show you a bunch of randomness that sort of sums up my craziness.

First of all some hippies moved onto base.  I love the VW van.  It used to be orange but now they painted it and turned it into a magic bus.

The hippies have guests over with an even bigger and more magical bus.  It reminds me of the one that Alexander Supertramp lived in "Into The Wild".  Cosmic.  I am waiting for the neighbors to complain.

I had my first root canal done today.  It wasn't too bad.  I brought this book to read while the anesthesia kicked in.  I love Augusten Burroughs' books.  He's a bit raw but 'laugh milk out of your nose funny'.

Here is the current status of my Darla Kauni.  I cannot decide if I love or hate it.  But like a fool, I continue onward.  By the way, The steeks were a piece of cake.  I didn't even hit the bottle of aquavit.  I think it was the swirl of kids in the background that gave me the focus to just cut into it.  I may steek the sleeves too, just for thrills. 

I am looking foward to the Speed Racer movie.  I was obsessed with Racer X.  I also had a stuffed Chim Chim monkey that lasted until sixth grade.  His head had to get sewn on several times.  Go Speed Racer Go!

I have to try this Mighty Putty.  It totally fascinates me.  Billy Mays can sell anything.

It's gopher season again.  We have these huge herons hunting on our lawn.  So weird.

Well, was that random and loony enough for ya?


kaoticorchid said...

Well honey, if you decide you hate your Kauni, you can feel free to gift it to me. ;) We're roughly the same size, and I think it's gorgeous. Lovely fall colors. Also, the hippy vehicles are great. We're just about to sell our VW to make money for baby. :(

wooly daisy said...

great post! me and my brothers were totally speed racer fans. we would run home from school everyday so we wouldn't miss it. i hope they don't wreck it! i hear christina ricci is playing trixie-who's playing speed?

yes, or you could the hula sweater to me!!!!!!!!! love it love it love it!!!