Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Big List

     Stitches West is just around the corner and I thought I had better make a shopping list so that I have a general idea of what I am looking for when I get to the feeding frenzy known as Stitches Market.  The yarn fumes may get to me and I will probably lose control.  Here's hoping that the list reins me in somewhat (yeah, right you say).

     So here it is.  I am not too embarrassed.  I stayed true to my yarn diet except for one time when Jerry's folks were visiting and I needed a yarn fix and fell off the wagon.  It looks like a lot of yarn  but I do get a lot of knitting done over the course of a year so there is not too much guilt.  Plus, I don't do heroin.

     I started a new pair of socks.   They are Cookie A's Monkey socks.  I am making them out of Blue Moon's STR lightweight.  I am experimenting with different needle sizes for the cuff part.  Hopefully, they won't felt.  My last couple of STR socks felted a bit in the washer.  They were supposed to be machine washable, hmmph!  The next next photo shows the feltage.

     Last night we watched an Irish Netflix movie called "Once".  It starred Glen Hansard of the Commitments and the music was beautiful.  He is dating Marketa Irglova,  his costar that he performs this duet with.  Sweet.

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