Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Admitting Defeat

   I was in in denial about this cold for about two weeks,   and finally got myself to the doctor because it became clear that the infection was enjoying living in my body.  I gave in and got the antibiotics  (yes Mom,  I am taking them with yogurt!).  

     It started out with this drain in the driveway.  We had a huge storm right after New Years and the garage and basement were flooding because debris kept blocking this drain.  So,  I went out in my pajamas (dumb move) and armed with a rake got the water to flow down  and away from my basement.  
     The storm took out a lot of trees on the base.

      And the wind yanked the panties down on this palm tree.  Kinda hula-ish, huh?

      While all of this storm drama is going on daughter Steph went to a Lose the Training Wheels Bike Camp sponsored by Easter Seals.  It was a program designed by Dr. Richard Klein, a retired engineer, who designed bikes with special back wheels that are weighted in a way to train students to balance their bodies for bike riding.  Steph was a success story and graduated to independent riding during the four day period.  I was so proud of my girly.  She liked riding the tandem bike the best.

Sorry this photo is so dark. Remember it was monsooning and I still haven't practiced with the camera!
     I did get some knitting done over the break.  My spiraly thing got done and I blocked the daylights out of it.  It is now a throw, but  the pattern would make a nice shawl.  Steph thinks it makes a nice toilet seat cover....silly rabbit.
     I am also on the second sock of a basic stockinette pair of Koigu socks.  I love Koigu, even though the skeins are a skimpy 175 yards.  They don't felt in the washer, like the Socks That Rocks eventually  do.  And the colorways are sublime (except for this pair which looked much better in the skein format).  They have a tight twist and nice shine.


wooly daisy said...

hey gurl- hope you are feeling better-we have been sicker than dogs here too.-ugh! a big congrats for steph! and love your spiral thing! take care and take your acidopholis-

kaoticorchid said...

Oh geez! I missed a huge blog update! I hope you are feeling better and the shawl looks great! Also, the palm tree pic is hilarious.