Sunday, December 23, 2007

Something on the Needles

     Well , that didn't last long.  I did a week's worth of spinning and then the kids had me stopping and starting  too much so I had to give it a rest.  I decided to start an insanely simple lace project that will also stash bust at the same time.  It's a throw or maybe a table cloth or maybe a shawl out of this raw silk I purchased way back.  It was one of my first attempts of rainbow dyeing and I had to do a little overdyeing to correct the mistakes so it's really murky and dull.  I used Lily Chin's pattern called Gotham circular lace and it is so fast and easy with very little brain cells required.  I also love the round shape. Perfect easy knitting for this holiday week.

     Here is a photo of a completed booze bag.  I whipped up a couple of the out of stray skeins and felted them.  They are good gifts if somebody comes a knocking.

     I promised myself to stop photographing my food,  but my neighbors sent over this bread stocking that was totally cute.  So here is a photo just for the cuteness factor.

     Lastly, Happy Solstice!  Here is a sunrise that I took and want to dye.  The sky is amazing in the winter!


kaoticorchid said...

Wow-thanks for the Solstice wishes! I hope your family has a good Solstice/Christmas too! It sounds like you've been really busy, and I would love to see the pictures of it ;).

wooly daisy said...

hi soxy-happy solstice holiday to and your bunch. for some reason i can't view the photos of this post. have fun knitting that lace!

wooly daisy said...

yea! i can see the pics. wonderful!

kaoticorchid said...

yay! lovely pictures. Dig the booze bag!