Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Nothing on the Needles

      Yes,  its true.  I am taking a short break so that I can get reacquainted with my spinning wheel.  It needed some oiling and adjusting but it felt so good to just sit and spin today.

      There are a bunch of finished objects to show.  I finished up my last pair of gift socks.  I have seven pairs total.  There were a couple of more but they were given away in the heat of the moment.

     Here's the group photo:

    Now here are the other finished objects that make me so proud.  Katherine is now knitting independently and made me a cell phone cozy from a Klutz book:

     Stephanie has given in to pressure and joined the knitting forces.  This is her first project.  She has her own personal style and I know she is destined to make great things.  Look at the way she manages dropped stitches and too many stitches.  She is a Debbie New in the making,  I just know it:


wooly daisy said...

how awesome your girls are getting into knitting. i taught my boys-once. they were interested for about a week.

love love love your sox! and your label is the best.

there's some lucky recipients out there.

kaoticorchid said...

How cool! The socks are so awesome, all lined up like that. It's good to see the girls joining in on the fun!