Saturday, November 24, 2007

Thanksgiving Break

We had an uneventful Thanksgiving, and I am thankful for that. It was just the five of us so instead of a big messy turkey with a lot of waste, I found some turkey breasts at Whole Foods and made stuffed turkey roulades. I love that store. I usually go to Whole Foods to stock up on gluten-free baking mixes, flours and pastas for Steph and myself. Someone told me that the store in Petaluma gives a 15% discount if you show your Coast Guard ID. That kind of reduces the cost and and helps eliminate the pricey nickname we used to give that store, Whole Wallet, or Whole Paycheck as I have heard some people call it. I Heart Whole Foods!

Will and Katherine both got into the pie making mode. Katherine did hers all by herself. Will did well with staying on task and being enthusiastic.

We stayed away from the stores for the most part. I did sneak out and buy a jigsaw puzzle. The kids like having them out on holiday breaks to combat boredom, and some of the bickering. Though I must confess that the girls did get a little competitive, and now there are two puzzles going on at the same time. So much for the cooperation skills. Whoops!

I finished one sock and now I am anxious to get the other one done. I have the urge to dye again! We survived the week.

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