Friday, November 30, 2007


     I really hate the stereotypical holiday mall music that gets pounded into you during the holiday season.  Here are a couple of alternatives that are not terribly annoying.  I'm sure Jerry would call this my chick music and he's probably right.  It's good for spinning and/or dyeing to (I usually knit to Netflix).

     Here is something I haven't done in  about ten years:  I splurged and bought a purse for myself.  I found this in REI and it has pretty good features.  There are several pouches and pockets inside.  The shape isn't too boxy or bulky.  And the green color just speaks for itself.  I usually just carry a wallet on a cord, this is a big gurly change for me!

     I dyed another set of sock blanks last Weds.  This is one of my favorites  (I say that a lot).

     I started another pair of waving lace sock (cover picture from Favorite Socks).  I will work up to the wire and then take a sock break for a good while - maybe!

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kaoticorchid said...

Really nice! Love the pure, and the sock-in-progress looks great too!