Sunday, October 14, 2007

Sucked in to Ravelry

I received my invite to ravelry and fell in deep. There is so much going on that every time I peek ends up lasting an hour. A dangerous (yet inspiring) place. Yes, I love it!

Here is a photo of the crest o' the wave stole. It is close to the finish line. I love the simplicity and greyness of it. Totally me.

The red scarf got packed and sent off with a Target card.

Jerry's mom and dad are visiting from New York. Lots of coffee tawk going on. They're here until Tues, squeezing the grandkids. I scored a multistrand beaded necklace (made by an artist in Old Town, San Diego from their first leg of their journey). It's made to look like an illusion necklace. I think I have to try and duplicate it in some other colorways. Pretty!

Among other goodies, Katherine scored a pizzelle maker. Today, Katherine and Grandma made pizzelles which were rather easy. They look like they would go well with the ice cream they made yesterday. Steph and I will stear clear because Steph is egg free and I am gluten free. But they look yummy delish! The grandparents leave in a couple of days and then we will begin our diets.

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