Thursday, October 18, 2007

Finished the Crest O' the Wave

Yep, it's done diddly doo (as Ned Flanders would say). I had a great time knitting this stole.

This is my Rose on the bow of the Titanic pose.

And here's my regular self.

I got into a fast knitting mode while Jerry's folks were here. They're the type that like to sit around and tell stories. The knitting in my hands saved me in some sort of meditative way. Now I want to cast on a Eugen Beugler stole called Lace Dream. I love his designs. Maybe I should change the blog title to lace chik? Laters!

1 comment :

wooly daisy said...

you are the lace goddess! i'm so impressed with the amount of projects you finish! maybe if i quit starting new projects i'd actually finish something! the stole is beautiful!