Friday, September 14, 2007

Cannot Think of a Title

The family is adjusting well to Darla and we're trying to figure out what she like and dislikes. For starters, we know she really likes beds and furniture. We'll work on that habit. We also found out she can't be trusted with food on a counter top. We still can't get her to play. I've tried squeekies, tennis balls and a nylabone with no results. She may still be in shock from the transition. Her biggest thing so far is to follow me like a shadow. She also likes to herd the family and at night she wanders from bedroom to bedroom taking inventory. Oh yeah, she only barked three times so far. So much to figure out. Poor pooch.

I started a monkey sock. Actually a modified monkey with 72 stitches cast on and some tweaking to Cookie's chart. I'm using a Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock yarn that has a cottony feel even though it's superwash wool and nylon (80/20). The color is 'sand ridge' and it's very beachy. The pattern has a nice flow so I plan to do more than one pair from it.

I thought I would have started some grand dye projects by now, but we are still adjusting to the school schedules. Between eye exams, braces, and monitoring Will's meds, I have been running a little ragged this week. I hope to get into our rhythm soon, because the wool gods are beckoning.

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